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Welcome to Music

Welcome to Mr. Crum's Music Classroom!
In this classroom we explore the artist that we all have rooted deep in our personality. 
Music makes life and life has always made music. 
We use things from the wind in the trees to instruments on the carpet inside our class; one of the coolest places on campus. The other amazing place to be is Mrs. Hoelztel's classroom. 
We sing a lot, and I mean we're basically singing the whole time we're in here, maybe even afterwards if your teachers are cool with the tunes and the humming. 
We always respect the classroom because we are all very fortunate to have such an amazing facility and resources to have some of the best times you'll remember.
IN the classroom these are some of the responsibilities/guidelines we love to follow as teachers and students, but mainly as humans: 
1. A - llow yourself to not know
2. B - e kind
3. C - your neighbor
4. D - iliberate choices
5. E - veryone is heard
6. F - un 
7. G - reat attitudes
OUTSIDE of our classroom we like to follow the same guidelines and responsibilities we have as citizens. 
While we are at school and music class we receive the opportunity to make and practice those choices.
My primary purpose as an educator is to help produce great people; the musician is part of that person I, and all the teachers at Parkwood, strive to foster everyday.
Deliberately choosing to integrate as best as I can, a true artistic perspective to enhance the journey of life is what I am hoping to create in our classroom for all of our students.