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Student Resources

  • Safe sites for students to access for independent learning.
All PWE Students will:
  • Visit the computer lab once a week
  • Explore many programs and apps to create products and review skills
  • Gain digital citizenship skills
  • Use technology to enhance their skills in all subjects
  • Have access to PC's and iPads
  • Code
  • Build on their technology skills to prepare them for the future
PWE Technology Equipment:
  • 1:1 Student Devices (iPads)
  • 1:1 Teacher Devices (iPads)
  • Computer lab with printer
  • Robots on campus: Dash, Sphero, Lego WeDo 2.0, KIBO
  • OSMO devices for hands-on learning
  • Apple TV's in every classroom
  • Each teacher has an iPad to use in the classroom
  • Projector in each classroom
  • Document cameras (optional)
  • Communication through Technology: PWE Website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Library equipped with computers