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Working with Teachers

What should I do if I need to talk to the teacher?
Obviously, teachers can’t take phone calls during class time. The best thing to do is call the office and request that the teacher return your call. If what you want to discuss is too lengthy to take care of in a phone call, the teacher can set up a conference with you. Please visit our Faculty directory to find your child's teacher's conference time.

Can I e-mail the teacher?
Yes, in fact many teachers appreciate it when parents use this form of communication. You can access a teacher’s e-mail address through the directory search portion of this website or through the Faculty page.

What should I do if I don’t agree with a class policy or have a concern about something?
The first and most important step you can take is to get in touch with the teacher and present your concerns openly and honestly. If something that is going on in the classroom is being perceived negatively by you or your child, that is something every teacher wants to know. Teachers appreciate the opportunity to hear from your directly, and most of the time problems can be worked out at that level. If, however, you still have a concern after talking with the teacher, you may contact the principal or assistant principal.

I’ve heard there is some kind of transfer policy. What’s that all about?
Students in Deer Park ISD can apply for a transfer to the campus of their choice as long as there is room at that school for additional students in your child’s grade level. Once a transfer has been approved, the student must meet district guidelines regarding (1) attendance, (2) tardiness, and (3) discipline in order to remain at the school.