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Book Fair



An exciting event is about to take place in the Parkwood Library! It’s our annual fall book fair sponsored by Scholastic. The book fair will be held December 9-13. Your child may visit the fair with their classroom, and you are also invited to see what the excitement is all about. The attached Scholastic flyer is merely a glimpse of the vast book selections available. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability. Although, we restock daily, some items sell out more quickly than others. Should you decide to send money with your child, please send it inside an envelope or Ziploc baggie marked with your child’s name, teacher name, and amount included. Checks should be made payable to Parkwood Elementary. We also accept cash and credit cards. You are also more than welcome to shop online.


Teacher Wish Lists will also be available for purchase during the book fair. The list of books are available for parents interested in donating books to classroom libraries. This will be a special gift from your child/family that will stay with your teacher's classroom library forever. To make your gift more memorable, a label with your child's/family's name will be placed on the inside cover of each book purchased from any teacher's wish list.


Please join us in making Parkwood Elementary’s book fair a success! All purchases benefit our school library. We look forward to seeing you and your children. 


Happy Shopping!!!


Book fair hours:



Thursday night—5:30-7:00

Friday-- 7:00-12:00



Thank you for your continued support of our school library fundraiser. Any questions can be referred to Martha Sanchez at .