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Mrs. Whitlow's First Grade Class

Homework and the Peek of the Week will go home every Monday.  Please read nightly with your child and practice any hard sight words with them.
Reading even 20 minutes a night can have a large impact on your child's learning. We are working on speaking in complete sentences that sound good and make sense.  This will transfer over to their reading and writing.   
Prompts for reading
Does that sound good?
Does what you read make sense?
Does that look right to you?
Can you find any information in the picture that can help you solve the problem?
Tell me about the story? Characters? Setting? Plot?
How does this story make you feel?
Can you make a connection to this story?
It is very important that your child know all numbers up to 120.  They need to know them in order and out of order.  Counting by 10's, 5's and 2's is also a first grade skill that is valuable to their math thinking.  Understanding that a number represents a quantity and that the quantity can be changed by adding and subtracting a number is a very important first grade skill. 
Math concepts we are currently working on...
1 more
1 less
10 more
10 less
Understanding place value of tens and ones and how to build that number using math manipulatives.