First Grade Lessons

February 17th:
Students will design their initial constellation in PowerPoint. 
*Note: Video would not upload
Read to students:
Students, you are planning your 3D printer project. 3D printers turns a 2D object, which is flat, into a 3D object that has dimensions. You will be planning out a constellation of your initial. Remember, a constellation is a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern.
1. Students go to Google Chrome and select PWE Webmix.
2. Students select 1st Grade Lessons.
3. Students click on Alphabet.pptx file below and open at bottom left.
4. Select "Enable Editing" and students click the slide with the first letter of their name and click and drag the stars to outline it. 
**It is important to click in the middle of the star to move it. 
5. View sample:
6. Students show work and close saving.